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The sex worker’s experience of city life is shaped by stigma and patriarchal social norms pertaining to women’s role in society and acceptable behavior for women and girls. Flying sex workers are those that do not live in red-light districts, but travel on a daily or less frequent basis to these areas for the purpose of commercial sex work 43 Call girls, escorts, telephone and internet-based sex workers have also been documented in the city; however, these groups represent only a tiny proportion of sex workers and will not be examined in depth in this paper 44. There are approximately 21 areas of Kolkata designated as red-light districts with a high density of sex workers 35 Sonagachi, Kolkata’s largest and one of its oldest red light districts is populated by between 10,000 and 15,000 sex workers, predominantly women and female children 36 A 1997 study found 370 brothels in the Sonagachi area, servicing approximately 20,000 clients a day 37.

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